Maxwell’s Magical Mustard Band

“Toodle doodle doo.”

Album Year Rating
Yesterday…and Forever 1998 0.00/pi

Lineup: Satan.


1998; Rating: 0.00/pi

Composition: ~ / Lyrics: ~ / Production: −− / Innovation: −−

  • 01 Yesterday [F]
  • 02 All My Loving [F]
  • 03 Norwgian Wood [F]
  • 04 Here, There, & Everywhere [F]
  • 05 Eleanor Rigby [F]
  • 06 And I Love Her [F]
  • 07 In My Life [F]
  • 08 The Fool on the Hill [F]
  • 09 Nowhere Man [F]
  • 10 Penny Lane [F]
  • 11 With a Little Help from My Friends [F]
  • 12 Michelle [F]

Glancing at the track selection, you’ll notice that this resembles a collection of Beatles recordings. But this is not a collection of Beatles recordings, despite the fact that the word “BEATLES” is plastered loudly across the cover. Actually, given that so many of these are sappy McCartney ballads, it would be close to the most unflattering Beatles “greatest hits” selection possible.

But that hypothetical pointless compilation would be a breath of fresh air compared to this monstrosity, which, oozing desperation, greed, and contempt for all living creatures, bills itself as an “intimate yet vibrant instrumental tribute.” In the language of the Poco-poco tribe of the central Amazon basin, this means, “Our plan to destroy the white man by raping his music is proceeding perfectly!” Yes, I know the true identity of Maxwell’s Magical Mustard Band. They may look like a harmless Muzak cover band, but do not be deceived.

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