The Multiple Cat

“You…you are the new Marcus Aurelius!”

Album Year Rating
“Territory” Shall Mean the Universe 1996 2.22/pi


1996; Rating: 2.22/pi

Composition: + / Lyrics: ~ / Production: + / Innovation: ~ / Total: 2.22/pi

  • 01 The New Marcus Aurelius [A]
  • 02 Kitty Kan’t Figure It Out [B+]
  • 03 My Year as a Girl [A−]
  • 04 Der Launch [B+]
  • 05 Sad, Sad, Sad [A]
  • 06 High School Girls [B+]
  • 07 My Planet [A−]
  • 08 For Bernard [A]
  • 09 Pious Eye [A−]
  • 10 North? [B−]
  • 11 Race for the Cure [A−]

The Multiple Cat, true to its quantity-defying moniker, is not really a band, but an individual, known to his mother as Pat Stolley. The rest of the “band” consists of numerous collaborators who pop in to lay down drums or bass or backup vocals on a few tracks. Possibly he has some sort of touring band, but then, I’ve never heard of him actually touring.

His music is pretty typical 90s indie rock: slightly sloppy, mildly arty, vaguely catchy, ostensibly clever. If you’ve ever wished there was just one more Pavement or Guided by Voices album out there waiting to be discovered, here it is.

If I sound a bit unenthusiastic, can you really blame me? Still, I can’t deny that the guy has talent, or at least a pretty convincing facsimile thereof. “The New Marcus Aerelius”, “Sad, Sad, Sad”, and “For Bernard” are smart, memorable pop tunes, and even lesser tracks like “My Year as a Girl” can be expected to feature some sort of classy guitar break or unusual rhythm. It’ll probably never be anyone’s favorite album, but it might be one of my favorite mediocre albums.

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